About Us

Radio Googly is an ekdum bindaas, "Of the people By the people For the people" 24X7 online radio. We strive to be the unbiased and trusted source of information for curious and thoughtful people, in an efficient and sustainable way in over 30 countries.
The Googly team and its volunteers are committed to collaborate with each other and anyone who shares their mission in bringing us together for a greater good. 

Our Vision:
We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience always. We aim to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a platform for individuals, groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other local media.
Our Core Values: We are a mutually supportive, passionate group of people committing our talents under clear and supportive leadership to the shared vision and mission of Radio Googly. We approach our work with ambition, enthusiasm, flexibility, resolve, and commitment to excellence with a sense of fun. 

The Googly TEAM

RJ Mucchad (Samarth): Growing up in India a creative and intelligent young man chose an education in Architecture and MBA. His passion towards entertainment and drama however never diminished. RJ Samarth also known as RJ Mucchad (due to his unique 'stache) is a creative thinker with exceptional people skills, spontaneity and presence of mind. With his easy going nature and sometimes quirky style he continues to entertain his friends and family in any social gathering on or off Radio Googly.
Never shy from expressing himself in every possible way it was no surprise that theater and art were a great outlet for expression in Samarth's formative years. He worked with some great names like Ebrahim Alkazi who is one of the most influential Indian theater directors. His dream of being able to provide a platform for the Asian Indian and Pakistani community globally, led to Radio Googly where he and his inspired team talk about all things FILMY, FUN, FOOD,FASHION, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FITNESS....EKdum Bindaas!

Creative Director "Gee": Gee worked in the Fashion industry for over 15 years as a stylist. She has a keen sense of design and aesthetics. Opinionated little firecracker RJ "Gee" has lot to say about everything. She once aspired to be a writer but her career steered her towards Fashion. A feminist at heart and believes in raising awareness around issues that impact the south Asian women. She is instrumental in developing our creative programs and design concepts that help Radio Googly advance our brand strategy via social media and online content.

RJ Roops: Passionate, open-minded, sassy, with a gargantuan appetite for intellectual curiosity. This only begins to describe Roops who is bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent with her background in theater  arts and writing. A teacher by profession she is definitely not scared to speak her mind and with that humor follows. The “Mantra” that she lives by “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's learning to dance in the rain".

RJ Zoya: is Spiritual, unconventional and eccentric, with high level standards and no patience for ignorance. She can be conservative or liberal. It all depends on the topic at hand. There is always an exception to every rule.. RIGHT? Born and Raised in Middle East, Zoya's heritage is both Pakistani and Indian. She spent life assimilating to all of the diverse and rich cultures around her to create a flavorful fusion. She considers herself to be a student of the world and now is raising her own two beautiful little ones. RJ Zoya looks forward to growing with Radio Googly and connecting with her listeners from around the globe!

DJ Sparsh:  is the epitome of dry humor and candid talk about what he likes and dislikes. There is no mincing words with him , he will tell you exactly what he feels about you. His first and last love is film making although he pursues Bachelor of Science In Finance at the Arizona State University. He aspires to be a Director in  the movie making business. On the radio he is instrumental in editing and on boarding our new talent. His love for music and mixing tracks keeps our listeners on their feet every Friday.

RJ Hina: Growing up in Australia, Hina was deeply involved with the local Indian community in various aspects from MC the annual day functions in local festivals, to performing comedy skits on stage to choreographing folk/filmy dances for all age groups to perform. Friends think Hina is so "filmy" and obsessed with Amitabh Bachchan and everything Bollywood. Hobbies took a backseat to being a mom/wife/career woman but Hina never let go of she truly enjoyed. Radio Googly is a great platform helping her do what she does best, interacting with people and bringing listeners all over the world the story of Bollywood as seen by her.                                                                                              

RJ Mouly : Fondly called the “Kavita Krishnamurthy” of her college and now being loved and called “Mishti” by all at Radio Googly, Mouly manages to win hearts wherever she goes. A singer, formally trained in Hindustani Classical music, she earned her “Visharad” in Vocal music from India after years of rigorous training. She loves listening to all kinds of music from Indian classical music, Bollywood music, sufi music, ghazal gayiki, folk music to fusion. Having a voice that turns heads, she is quick to earn admiration. Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan complimented her on her singing and blessed her. Apart from being a singer, she loves dance. She learnt Bharatnatyam, Kathak and later went on to learn western contemporary, jazz and Hip-Hop. Being a Gujarati, she enjoys doing Garba like crazy! Healing is her passion. Being a Physical Therapist, she heals her patients physically and also spiritually through her training in Reiki and meditation. Being a gem of a friend, now she is here, at Radio Googly, to make best of friends with her listeners.

RJ Sushma: Sushma means beautiful and she knows that true beauty is not skin-deep. She brings joy to her friends and family by introducing them to soul-searching music and heart-warming food. She authors a blog featuring easy-to-prepare Indian dishes with international following and posts song of the day on her Facebook page that brightens the day of the many faithful followers. Sushma earned her MS in Management of technology with a 4.0 and is known to be a project management / organization guru. Her passion however is dance, music, travel and cuisine. She is a Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical) dancer, a Hindustani (North Indian Classical) singer. Above all she has an in-born talent to create soul-satisfying cuisine. Sushma will travel anywhere, taste anything and befriend anyone – Ekdum Bindaas!

RJ Hema: Hema totally represents the phrase "live your life to the fullest". vivacious, jovial and a die hard romantic at heart. Hema is going to win you over with her sweet natural self. Chartered Accountant by profession Hema's friendly nature will surprise you as she is nothing like those serious accountants that you meet. She presents "Ishq Matakka" every Wednesday which talk about love and relationships.

RJ Indori (Director of Technology): One word describes him the best, he is a Pakka "Indori"...well if you know someone from Indore, you know what we are talking about. If not, here you go...Indori means Foodie, Outspoken, Passionate, Opinionated, Huge Hearted and Totally Bindaas! He loves to play Cricket and spend countless hours watching all kinds of sports. Being involved in any initiative which can bring about a social change is what keeps him ticking. Apart from being a founding member of  Bharat Votes and AID Tempe, he has served his fellow students at his Alma Mater, Arizona State University, by founding or being a part of a number of student organizations and his fellow Desis by being on the board of India Association of Phoenix. While he can engage in heated debates on political and social issues, being able to tickle your funny bone comes just as naturally to him. He is a software engineer by the day but which character will the night bring out in him, even he doesn't know. So get ready to agree, disagree, agree to disagree, laugh, cry, applaud and scold your own RJ Indori and Radio Googly's Director of Technology!!! 

RJ Pragya: Pragya is a confident, independent girl who took a job at Jack in the Box when she was 17 just so she could earn a ticket to India for the summer. A Financial Analyst by profession, she is passionate about traveling all over the world. Her goal is to put a pin in every major country on the world map in her house. She is a true Leo at heart, who believes in cherishing every relationship in life. Pragya presents "Aap ki Farmaish" every Wednesday where she spreads the love and happiness by sharing requests and dedications.

RJ Lakshmi/ RJ Didi: Her love towards kids has been a motivation to start the Radio series with short stories called “Kahaniya”, where she likes to be called “RJ Didi”. A mom of two, Lakshmi believes that right education is essential for today’s kids who are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge that is easily accessible. Lakshmi is a Scientist by profession who grew up in India (Delhi & Hyderabad) before moving to US with a dream of winning the Nobel prize... While the dream still remains, she finds an immense satisfaction pursuing other Creative interests such as painting, classical music, storytelling and philosophy.

Mona Shaikh:  is a stand-up comic and founder of Muslimsdoitbetter.com.
A tomboy who grew up with four older brothers and as the only girl in the family, knew her passion and purpose in life at the age of 8. With half her life spent in a prominent conservative Pakistani Muslim household, and the second half lived as an independent woman immersed in American entertainment and culture, Mona has a unique perspective on the contrast and conflicts between both worlds. Her sense of humor integrates her unique perspective on religion, sex, politics and her personal life experiences into a blend that is all her own. 

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." A true follower of this, Keerthi is one of the rare kinds, who believes in herself more than anything and brings a smile on the faces of people she meets. Pursuing her Master's in Materials Science at the Arizona State University, she calls herself a multitask machine. Her interests are dancing, following the latest trends, acting and talking. With her, you sometimes wonder, if there are any limits to insanity. She loves life and life loves her. With everything that she has, she is here with the show just you were hoping for, a college fun filled ek dum bindaas show Krazy Kampus, alternate Wednesdays with unlimited pagalpan. 

YOU can be part of our team. Write to us and tell us more about yourself. We need energetic, passionate and Bindaas people to join us in our effort to make this world a Bindaas and better place for all of us. email: RJ@RadioGoogly.com